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   August to February

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     4670 feet

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How to reach Harishchandragad trek

Harishchandragad trek has multiple routes and each route offers a surprise to the trekkers. It can be approached from 5 different villages. They are from khireshwar(खिरेश्वर), pachanai(पाचनई), belpada(बेलपाडा), lavhali(लव्हाळी), kothale(कोथळे). We’ve tried two popular trek khireshwar & Pachnai. This document is in detail to help you do it on your own.             

Here is the some short information of Harishchandragad trek in table form. 

Base village

Route Via

Difficulty level

Who can trek

Best season


120 km from pune

138 km from mumabi

125 km from Ahamadnagar

Tolhar Khind

Junnar Drwaja /Rjmarg


Very Difficult

Some trekking Experience

August to February

Not recommended in monsoon


160 km from pune


190 km from mumabi


145 km from Ahamadnagar





Walhiware/ Belpada

152 km from pune


132 km from mumabi


152 km from Ahamadnagar

Nalichi wat

Sadle ghat

Very Difficult

Very Difficult

Experienced Trekker

Experienced Trekker

Not recommended in monsoon

Not recommended in monsoon

Route map for Harishchandragad trek

Harishchandragad trek via Khireshwar

Harishchandragad trek starts from Khireshwar village. Just after you cross the Pimpalgaonjoga dam, you can see Khireshwar village. Khireshwar trek trail has to two routes, via Tolar Khind(टोलार खिंड ) & via Rajmarg/junnar darwaja(जुन्नर दरवाजा). However, many trekkers prefer Tolar khind route as it is a package of views and adventures. The trail via Rajmarg is not recommended if you do not have trekking experience. Rajmarg has some dangerous sections.

Trek via Tolhar khind (pass)

We have to walk from Khireshwar village to the beginning of the forest. The trail is flat and you will pass through paddy fields. It will take 20 minutes to reach the starting point of the forest.

When you go to the forest, you can feel a sudden change in the atmosphere. In the first part of the forest, there are many small streams during the rainy season. During the trek you can hear the sound of streams, birds singing and leaves rustling.

As you enter the woods, the path becomes more rigid. There are some sections with loose stones. Make sure you keep your foot down carefully. Keep walking along the same path until you see a vaghoba वाघोबा (Tigar) sculpture. It is the symbol of the tribal people’s faith in nature. It will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach this point. This location is the starting point of the Tolar Khind. This gorge is the link between Pune and Ahmednagar districts. The history of tribal revolutionary Raghoji Bhangare remains glorious here.

Waghoba (Tiger) statue in tolar khind the symbol of tribal peoples faith in nature.

Once you start the trek from Tolar Khind you have to climb a big rock patch which is almost 65 to 70 degree. It will take around 45 min to 1 hours to reach the ramparts. From here you can see the beautiful view of Pimpalgaonjoga dam, Khireshwar village, lavhali & khadki village. 

Some images of the Tolar Pass rock patch. Currently, the forest department is constructing railings in this area with the help of locals.

There are 2 routes from here. The right trail goes to the temple through seven hills and the left trail goes via base of balekilla through a dense forest. Because of going through forest you get shade from it so it is pleasant & easy route as compare to the right one. 

Amazing view of Pimpalgaonjoga dam after crossing Tolarkhind.

Way to base of balekilla  via left trail.

It will take around 1to 1.30 hours to reach the temple. You can see a series of local stalls there. This is the top of the fort. Explore the fort before you go head. You must visit Saptateertha Pushkarni, ganpati cave, Kedareshwar cave and the temple of harishchandreshwar etc.

After seeing historical places either yo go towards the taramati peak or magnificent kokankada. choice is yours. if you choose taramati peak you have to climb some rock patch which is almost 50 to 65 degree. From taramati peak you can see the beautiful view of malshej region along with Pimpalgaonjoga dam backwater. after this you have to step down about 1 hour to reach kokankada.

If you choose to go straight towards kokankada it will take 20 to 25 min to reach. On the way of kokankada, you will see metalic rocks. After seeing kokankada you have to climb 1.30 hour to reach taramati peak. On this route there is staircase in difficult sections. From taramati peak, If you want to reach balekilla you can reach by walking straight down to the east. On balekilla, you can see water tanks & ramparts. If you don’t want to go balekilla, you can descend to the north & reach harishchandreshwar temple again.

Trek via Junnnar darwaja / Rajmarg

Tip : Avoid this route in monsoon. It becomes slippery which increases the risk. Where one can experience heavy rainfall with thunder strikes.

While trekking along junnar darwaja/rajmarg you have to go west from khireshwar village towards kalsa & bhatkhala hill area. At the beginning section You have to walk from the Khireshwar village to the base of kalsa hill forest section. The trail has a flat ground. It takes about 1 hour to reach top of bhatkhala forest section.

Amazing view of kalshya mountain from Bhatkhala region.

After climbing north from bhatkhala for a quarter of an hour, walk straight till you come stream through a dense forest. The junnar darwaja (gate) starts from that stream. 

You have to climb that stream up to the base of the balekilla at an angle of 60 to 70 degrees. Once you start the trek from stream you have to climb a big rock patch. Some parts of this whole climb are very difficult. There are a few sections with loose rocks. Make sure you keep your foot carefully.

you can see the view of the west of Nedhe after going up through junnar door. From here you can route direct as Hatti mahal, Taramati peak, Kokankada & Harishchandreshwar temple or join regular rout of Tolar khind going through the base of Balekilla. you can choose any of them.

Harishchandragad trek via Pachnai

Pachnai is the easiest and fastest way to reach Harishchandragarh Fort. If you are a beginner, take the trail from Pachnai. The trail starts from Pachnai village. At the entrance you will see a board showing the direction of Harishchandragarh peak. The trail has metal railings and stairs built by the Forestry Office. Facilitates the management of difficult patches. After an hour’s walk you arrive at the base of a huge cliff. You have to walk and continue from the base of the cliff to reach Harishchandreshwar temple after 20-25 minutes walk from there.

over all trek take 1.30 hour to complete.

Accommodation at Harishchandragad

Camping at Harishchandragad is really fun, it will be a memorable experience to spend the night with the cool breeze and warm friends under a million star hotel. The mahadev koli tribal people mainly live around harishchandra fort. There are no big hotels in the area but the locals make it easier for you to stay. They are now offering ready-made tent accommodation at a nominal price. We can help these people to earn a living by providing them employment. They provide quality food, breakfast, tea and water from their homes.

Guide Contact list for Harishchandragad

While trekking harishchandragad there are chances that you might get lost in forest. There is dense Forest & it’s very misty in monsoon. Take a guide with you from the base village. We provide the list of trusted guide. Take one of them they can help in emergencies & all care of you while trekking.

Guide from Khireshwar

Mr. Nitin Bhimaji Memane

Mr. Nitin Bhimaji Memane

Mr. Nitin Mahadu Muthe

Mr. Nitin Mahadu Muthe

Machindra Namdev Lohakare

Machindra Namdev Lohakare


Emergency Contact /Last ATM/Last Petrol pump for Harishchandragad Trek

Police - 100

Ambulance - 108

Forest - 1926


Otur Police Station -02132264250,9552157100 

Hospital-Prathamik Arogya Kendra Madh

ATM-  Sitewadiphata, Otur

Petrol Pump-  Sitewadiphata, Kolwadi


Rajur Police Station-02424251033

Hospital- Rural Hospital rajur

ATM- Rajur, Kotul

Petrol Pump- Rajur, Kotul


Tokawade Police Station-02524650750

ATM- TDC Bank, Tokawade

Petrol Pump- Tokawade

What to pack for Harishchandragad trek

  • Basic First Aid kit
  • Identity Card
  • Water (Minimum two to three liters)
  • personal medical kit   
  • Torch (If trekking @ night )
  • Cap/ Scarf/ Sunglasses (optional)
  • High-calorie snacks (Nuts & dry fruits etc.)
  • Safety Pins, Rubber bands & Whistle (Useful in emergencies.)
  • Plastic sheet to wrap electronic devices, only during monsoons
  • Sunscreen (only during summer)
  • Trekking poles (optional)
  • Power Bank (Optional)  

Read this before starting the trek.

Respect local traditions & etiquette

Prepare for your trip with safety gear

Say no to plastic use

no animal harm or teasing

No fire in forest

No alcohol, No Smoking 

No scribbling on monuments

No Loud music

No littering

Conserve environmental resources

No swimming in drinking water.

No risky pose

Save the environment for future generations

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We are the small organization that works in tribal area to build sustainable & progressive society by facilitating development in rural areas by working on different issues like the women & child empowerment, health, infrastructure, education, employment, food etc.

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