Harishchandragad trek is one of the famous most challenging treks in western ghats of Maharashtra. A popular hike offering a variety of adventures for all types of hikers. This fort has a natural beauty that is pleasing to the eye, along with a diversity of flora and fauna. This trek has a lot to offer like kokankada, kedareshwar cave, taramati peak, saptatirth pushkarni (सप्ततीर्थ पुष्कर्णी) and much more. So if you haven’t been here, plan on being. It is a must see place.

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Harishchandragad trek has multiple routes and each route offers a surprise to the trekkers. It is one of the complete package of views. Harishchandragad is also known as trekker’s paradise as rappelling, rock climbing & valley crossing can be done simultaneously in one trek itself. Once you reach the top you will be in paradise. It is also famous as the best fort in Maharashtra for camping.

Notable Places of Interest


kokankada sunset
kokankada 1
kokankada view from rohidas shikhar
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From kokandada (कोकणकडा) one can enjoy the magnificent view of the Konkan region, hence the name Kokankada. It is a tall and standing natural wall which has a concave structure. The cliff has an overhang. The best view can be seen from the far right of the cliff. From kokankada you can experience many natural phenomena like vertical cloud bursts, circular rainbows also called Brocken spectrum. You can watch one of the beautiful sunset from the KonkanKada. Don’t miss the beautiful view of the valley during sunset. Soak in the beauty and enjoy the sunset. This is the perfect way to end a long day.

Taramati Peak

taramati from kalbhari
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Taramati is one of the two peaks of Harishchandragad. This is the sixth highest peak in the state of Maharashtra (1431m/4695ft above sea level) and is ranked just after Salher. Taramati Peak is the highest point of the fort. From here we can have a look at the full range of Naneghat and malshejghat. From that point, we can see a magnificent view of the sunrise along with the pimpalgaon joge dam backwater. Many of the surrounding forts such as Bhairavgad, Siddhagad, Ajobagad, Kulanggad and the Naneghat region can be seen from the air.

Kedareshwar Cave

kedareshwar shivlinga
kedareshwar cave
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Cave of Kedareshwar is located on the right of harishchandreshwar temple, inside which is a huge Shivalinga totally surrounded by water. The lingam is about 5 feet high and the water is waist deep. If you want to reach Shivalinga you have to go through the ice-cold water. There are sculptures carved out here.

Harishchandreshwar Temple

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The temple is an exquisite structure with carved sculptures and represents the medieval temples of ancient India. The harishchandreshwar temple is about 16 meters high from its base. There are some caves and a water tank near the temple. A tank near the temple provides drinking water. The peculiarity of this temple is that it is carved into a large solid rock. Also there is a Devanagari inscription on the left side of the temple entrance.

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Nageshwar temple is a fine example of architecture which is very elegant and rich in sculptures. If we explore the history of the temple a little, we come to the time of 10th century. During this period, a king named Zhanj(झंज ) of the Shilahar clan was ruling this region. A devotee of Shiva, this king built twelve temples at the source of twelve major rivers between the Godavari and Bhima rivers, among which is the temple of Nageswara.

Things to Do around harishchandragad


There are many forts and mountains to climb around Harishchandragad. Some of these mountains are very difficult and some are easy to climb. These are mainly Harishchandragad, Sindola(सिंदोळा), Ranjanya(रांजन्या), Udhalya(उधळ्या), Daundya(दौंड्या), Bhairavgad(भैरवगड), Kalbhairi(काळभैरी), Kalshya(कळश्या)etc.


camping, campsite, tents-3893587.jpg

You can enjoy camping in the forest or near the catchment area of Pimpalgaon Joga Dam. You can see the most picturesque view of the sunrise around the dam. Do some fun outdoor activities and enjoy a campfire under the starry sky as night approaches.


foggy morning fisherman, lake, nature-2494910.jpg

You will enjoy boating in the catchment area of Pimpalgaon Joga Dam and take countless memories with you as you watch the most picturesque view while boating in the dam.

Bird Watching

bird, flamingo, water-5154150.jpg

Harishchandragad is blessed with natural wealth. The dense forest here is home to many species of birds, making it a great destination for bird watchers. Birds such as kingfisher, flamingoes, Red-naped Ibis, Black Drongo, Baya Weaver, Asian Koel, Blue-cheeked bee-eater etc. can be seen at this place.


abseil, climb, climber-243141.jpg

Trek to explore and then Rappel down with adrenaline rush with continuous gush of water on your body.
this is one of the best experience of your life to do waterfall rappelling and enjoy your weekend.
Join with your friends for waterfall rappelling..!


You can visit many scenic spots around Harishchandragad. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam Area, aadrai(आडराई), Nagehswar temple, Reti (Ravan Point), Malshej Ghat, Kalu water Falls etc.


Harishchandragad is a beautiful example of how a place or a fort can be studied in different ways. The history of this fort is fascinating but the geography is beautiful. Like all other forts, it belonged to the Koli Mahadev tribal community. The fort has an antecedent in the history of this community, but also in the history of the Mughals or Marathas, while Harishchandragad has a mythological antecedent from two to four thousand years ago. Harishchandragad is mentioned in the ancient Agni Purana and Matsya Purana which is over three and a half thousand years old. The fort was taken over from the Mughals by the Adivasi community Koli Mahadev and later in 1747-48 the Marathas took over the fort from the Mughals and appointed Krishnaji Shinde as the guardian of the fort. The fort was captured by the British in 1818.

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